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Our History

Freedom House was founded in 1949 by Otto and Muriel Snowden.  Following their retirement in 1984, Freedom House has been managed by a series of Directors: Cynthia Parris, 1984; Acting Director Ambrose Nangeroni and other board members, 1984-1986;Toye Brown, 1987 1991; Juanita Wade, 1991-1995; Acting Director, Juanda Johnson, 1995-1996; Interim Director Norman Huggins, 1996; Interim Director Ron Ancrum, 1997-1999; Harlan Jones, 1999-2001; Scott Darling, 2001-2002;  Ricardo O. Neal, 2003-2008.   Gail Snowden became Chief Executive Officer in October, 2008.

In 1987, the New Directions Initiative was created to increase access for African Americans and other minorities to relevant education and training programs, leading to more jobs and higher income levels. Another major activity during the 1980s was in the area of economic development and housing in the Grove Hall section of Roxbury and Dorchester. Educational programming focused almost entirely on basic skill building, college preparation, computer literacy, and access to scholarships.

Project REACH (the Road to Educational Achievement) was launched in 1988, from a private donation, to provide financial support for the college education of 50 African American and Hispanic Boston high school graduates a year between 1988 and 1992. Project REACH quickly emerged as a community-based program to produce a cadre of future leaders and provide critical scholarship counseling. Over 300 young people received their diplomas and several now serve on the Freedom House Board of Directors.

Despite the economic recession which began in 2009 and continues into 2010, Freedom House continues to launch new programs and searches for sustainable funding from foundations, corporations and donors through its Campaign for Sustainability.  Freedom House received a capacity building grant from the Boston Foundation in March 2010 for its college program and organizational needs. 

View the Freedom House archives online at Northeastern University.

Our Staff

Chief Executive Officer – Katrina Shaw
Shaw joined Freedom House in September 2012 and she is an experienced leader with over 10 years experience building successful programs and initiatives that advance goals, engage stakeholders and create collaborative relationships.  Previously, she was Co-Executive Director of City Year Louisiana where she was responsible for serving over 1000 students.  Other positions included Assistant Vice President at the State Street Foundation-Global Philanthropy and Director of Community Impact at the United Way of Massachusetts.  She is a graduate of Spelman College and the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work.

Board of Directors

Gail Snowden, Executive Director
Katrina Shaw, Chief Executive Officer
Antoinette Coakley, Board Co-Chair
Lori Britton, Board Co-Chair
Lisa Guscott, Treasurer
Gintas Krisciunas, Clerk
Julie Burleigh, Senior Development Officer

Board Members

Antoinette Coakley, Esq.
Michael F. Glavin    
Lisa J. Guscott
Gintas Kriscuianas
Jessica P. Lipnack, Ph.D
Andrea Forsht
Tulaine Shabazz Marshall
Dr. J. Keith Motley
Susan M. O’Connor
Jeffrey Zinsmeyer

Administrative Team

Marie Hovis
Executive Assistant

Julie Burleigh  
Senior Development Officer   

Kimberly Amyouny
PUSH Program Manager

Marcial Victorino   
IT/Desktop Specialist  

Tahina Barlatier   
PUSH College Success Coach   


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